Friday, November 17, 2006


i dont really know what to type about but i haven't written in a while - you get typos and all this time. i got a storage space in manhattan. thats good news. it was lucky that i was able to get it. it took all my money at the time tho.

life for me right now as usual is hand to mouth - someone or something provides me with places to stay every night however. Since i put my things in storage it has really freed me up with more energy to walk, and to even stop and relax with less on my mind.

I love subways. I love trains. I love meeting strangers. I like to sit int he subway and let my train pass several times just to have a chance to sit still for a while and to have a chance to meet people - and observe people. I really enjoy this as a daily practice. I have met some awesome poeple underground.

But yeah - life is going one day at a time. It revolves around being online in coffee shops.

Mostly I wanted to mention the storage unit. Its officialy my first place in manhattan and its 4feet and 4feet by 4feet.

I have a feeling i need to get some crazy clothes for hangin out in the subway.

can't think of anyting else to say - gonna drink my latte and chat and whatever

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