Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What I Saw In The Dark

I sat and listened to your songs
But I woulnd't sing along
Cause the feeling was so wrong
while the microphone was on

I'm supposed to play the part
but I have a hurting heart
everytime i try to start
reasembling your art

there's a face i always see
he has made things hard for me
while I'm trying to be free
of that constant memory

I used to have a heart for him
He was trusted as a friend
But all he wanted was to win
Well let's let the games begin

I'm drifting away more and more every day
Like so many clear skies when summer rains come
like parts of a child they're never the same
when seasons come and take them away

Like last night's dream it's breaking apart
Now my eyes cannot see what I saw in the dark

Morbid curiosity Manic concepts running free
We were shaking like a leaf My amps buzzing like a bee
and it will never be alright I will always have to fight
find a way to sleep at night keep that image out of sight

I'm drifting...

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