Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I just know i'll make this a lot harder than it should be. I have a lot to write about and i really need to try to capture my experiences so I can look back at them with detail.

I'll start with right now. Its almost noon, on a wednesday in the west village, manhattan. I am on a couch in an eleventh floor apartment. The sky outside the open window behind me is overcast and the traffic far below is more soothing than harsh. The distance makes the sound more diffuse and the sounds impact my ears without integrity or form. I can see why some choose to live up high.

I got to this place last night. I was in the Dunkin Donuts on 2nd and 11th in the east village - they have free wifi. As usual, I didn't know where i was gonna stay that night and i was broke. I ended up getting a hold of a new friend who had offered me a place to stay for a couple nights. He said to come on down. I got lost on my way and keep in mind i was loaded with all my things and traveling by foot. I went way too far. Eventually i found his place and was really happy to be in a nice safe peaceful comfortable apartment for the night. I slept well and now I'm still reclined on this couch.

I've stayed on several couches recently. First it was Boston. I stayed with a friend, Careese for a month or so. It was around August. We were actually in Caimbridge. She had 13 les paul guitars. She was a dancer. I still keep in touch and she treated me very well while I was her guest and I was very grateful. We had some laughs plus she helped my portfolio out a lot which i still benifit from to this day. Then I was in NJ - wait... i should say first, the way i got to boston was by delivering a car. I brought up all my music and photography stuff... and a laptop. I even got paid by a passenger who helped me drive. He knows who you are and thanks goes out to him.

Ok so then i was in NJ and stayed on a couch after some party. I left the very next day and the host was displeased with me, so i heard. I really didn't understand it, because we had good conversation. I heard it was because I didn't say thank you. Then i was at lorianns boyfriend's house a while in the Montclaire area. For a couple days I slept in a storage unit in the basement. After leaving, i heard that the whole basement filled up with toxic fumes and someone said I would have died. But by this time, I was in a new place in NJ called Maplewood. I remember coming home the first day from the train and getting lost. I ended up having to sleep under a bush behind a law office just because i didn't have a phone on me or the address or phone number or last name of the person i was staying with. All i needed was to get online and i would have been fine - but the police station in south orange said they dind't have internet. I walked for a good 15 hours that day total because i was walking around with a friend earlier. At that point pain took on a new dimension. Well at the NJ house there was a dog and a bird. I stayed there for a month or so. Then I went to Princeton and stayed with Kent for a few days. Then i went to Manhattan and stayed with Lelah for a few days. Then Maplewood for a night and grabbed my guitar and some extra clothes and dropped off some things i just dind't need. Then back to Manhattan and hugn out till i got here where i am right at the moment of writing this.

Next I'll stay with Alex for a night or maybe two in Brooklyn. I'm also going back to Princeton for maybe 2 days or so.

I'm workin on my booking for shooting - as well as some music things.

Well I wrote about my couches and now I can go and do something else. You know - i have done a lot more than just slept on couches. I've actually done OTHER STUFF. This entry is focused on couches tho.

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