Sunday, October 29, 2006

lyrics - shannon's song

one night while resting beneath the stars
on a summer's night I recall
having no place i should be
having no possesions none great or small

I was happier then than I've been in a thousand moments since
All the stars and the sea and the moon were my guide
and my dearest friends

one night while walking away from
all of the safety of the town
filled with the thrill of remote places
and fears of what waits when the sun goes down

it seems we're always stuck
in a wheel of what we think is moving on
we're just running in place while each day
one more chance is already gone

i met a girl just like my while
singing the few songs i felt i knew
she sang along for a while
we never knew where we were going to

now shes spinning like mud on a potter's wheel
and i have no right
to be near her and touch her
while she's once again being born alive

just to be honest with you
i sat down to write all about a girl
but with each detail i kinew
there's no making sense of her in the world

as i find my way back all alone
to the places i understand
I'll wish often that time could just freeze me in place
while i hold her hand

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