Sunday, October 29, 2006

Comments - when you don't believe

This song is like most of my songs - about my x. I used to write these songs when i'd feel frustrated with her. I found her to be very pesimistic but she would never admit she was. But It was clear to me that she didn't believe that she was worth anything in this life.

She did have her pretend life in her head where she felt value. I thought she was wonderful and talented and lovely - but she seemed to constantly hate herself - even with in the presence of a true admiring fan like me. And so as this song states - you hurt the ones who believe in you when you dont believe in yourself.

eventually - she decided i viewed her as a digusting creature and stuck to her same habit of self sabotoge. Now she misses me - but i dont know if she still feels like a disgusting person in the eyes of others. I'm sure she loves herself - i mean i can relate to liking who i am - but feeling worthless in the eyes of my peers... so i know that routine...

on to the next song...

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