Sunday, October 29, 2006

comment - shannon's song

this song was written at the peak of my break up with shannon.

it's not easy to talk about cause its a big song for me and very personal

i also think it speaks for itself very well.

most of the song was based off of my time spent in vegas as a homeless person as is also the case with "you're own religeon"

but here, we have talk of resting beneath the stars... means being homeless in vegas.

but its a happy song in a way its me - a man - resolved to see the beauty in life - as he always has. This was an early break up song - and i never was able to hang on to that positive look - i have lost it and now im more than bitter - im disgusting. This is about 2 years later and i have relieved the past every day since.

The part about spinning like mud on a potter's wheel is about her being young - and needing space and time to grow - i thought we'd get back together - but after this song was written - she fucked my best friend..


on to the next song on the list

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