Monday, October 23, 2006

Begining from the General

Life never seems to stop to let people on or off.

Ok that's a little too philosophical for this blog - this is supposed to be industry oriented... not wierd ... tho musicians are always wierd, the industry is not. The industry is a big sucky normal part of life that has to do with lots of hard work, money and staying involved in the scene.

Anyways - I wanted to talk a little bit about my music. For those of you who have not heard my music - click here to open up my playlist in your player

If you dont know, i have been very adventurous in exploring different styles. I've done styles such as theatrical symphonic, jazz quartet, bluegrass band, gospel, stripped down side show circus, bossa nova, rootsy blues and folk, IDM.

I needed to create this blog to help me deal with all the different things i have going. I need to organize my lyrics, and my ideas, and have an organized, easy place to focus my theories and concepts into a recorded medium... being this blog.

I've written several dozens of songs. Some i have memorized and some I do not - while others, I have not finished. I'm going to take time to organize my lyrics, and supply additional information about them. This is an information age and poeple like to be able to get deep into an artist's work and I'd like to take that opportunity to offer a deeper look at what my music is about.

I haven't always written the same style as far as my lyrics go. I started out very general, and not very interesting.

In the following blogs, I'll talk about specific songs, most likely starting with the ones that need attention the most.

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