Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Three Innovative Photos

I have a couple of images i wanted to share that show what i'm playing around with lately. i'm poor... and i do all i can with what I have... its called being efficient, and somewhat neurotic, idealistic, lazy.

This pic was from experimentation with strobes. See a site on this - strobist.com

[100 iso, f8, 1/15 shutter, full flash @ gn74 plus a rosco filter] - I placed my flash inside this table and took a time delayed shot of myself with the flash triggered. I put a green gel on the filter. The effect looks kind of futuristic to me. If not futuristic, it looks like im being visited by aliens from a planet with very nice light diffusion techniques.

I have another photo I'd like to show as well.
This one was done with another lighting technique known as light painting.
The picture was taken at night with a long shutter speed and a moving flashlight was used to illuminate the subject at close range. (35mm camera)

I placed the negative in an 8x loop and in front of my flash. I placed a piece of white paper behind the flash to bound a large white area of light towards me, and then placed a piece of white paper between myself and the flash, and put the digital camera lens up to the 8x magnifying loop and negative and autofocused, and took a flash photo.

I am looking forward to doing more photography of this nature in the near future. Perhaps I'll take advantage of the snow at night to give me more reflecting surfaces to play light painter with.

I want to carry around a flash and leave my camera on a tripod in the open shutter mode while i go around flashing various color filtered flashes all over the forest. It will look as tho the entire forest was lit up like a fantasy land. The ground, the trees, and whatever i find... maybe even the water and a person.

The last picture makes use of a shoot through white umbrella. The umbrella was below me with the convex outside facing up towards my face. I put a tungsten light under it in a special adapter bracket/arm that attaches to the umbrella shaft... and put a shoe mount flash to the right of the camera on a light stand with a home made snoot that controls the light a little and makes a shadowy frame around the subject. I had to try a few times with the digital to ballance the ambient tungsten make-shift soft box with the flash. i ended up ballancing the white for tungsten and allowing the flash to appear blueish like a window light in this one. If this were a film camera, I would have had to use a blue color corection filter over the lens since the film would have probably been ballanced for sunlight.

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