Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sound and Vision Intro

welcome to my industrial blog

this blog is about my music and photography

one key feature of this blog is my complete music library
there you will find all of my songs complete with lyrics, mp3's and my comments on each song. This is a work in progress but there is already content there to enjoy and explore. This resource is really good to keep me organized and moving ahead. I have so many songs it can get overwhealming so this helps me. Also feel free to comment on any of the pages here.

(added recently-) I haven't logged into this blog in quite a while but here i am again. I think its a great way for me to stay organized and to think, and speak etc and lets not forget... a way to get feedback from others. My photography is in the forefront of my work these days instead of my music right now... will be posting new pics soon. Also I'll be making a nice photo website of my galleries and favorites.

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naturline said...

Fantásticas ilustraciones y post me encanto su blog reciba un abrazo