Monday, June 15, 2009

do or do not

we dont want to go astray when we follow our hearts. i think where the problem comes in is when we follow our heart only half way

we have to have work that is purely technical and work that is purely experimental and work that is purely heart.

in this way, we are always acting in one mind and not divided. a house divided against itself can not stand.

its best to have several houses and not try and make your house part tent, part high rise and part cottage. we have to learn of each one in itself first.

i suppose eventually its possible to be a master of the various building techniques and to combine the best of each into several master works just as a truely masterful architect would do.


i have a shoot tonight. it causes me some trepidation i must admit. i dont have a fixed method. i feel im falling too often in that part of my mind that is divided.

i think the reason for this is because now, i know how to make a great images but i dont have the resources

i have to step back and realize what i have, and use that and work within the limitions and tools i have and let that be my realm, and nurture singleness of mind in my work

everything takes some work. otherwise, there is chaos.

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gd said...

intriquing! I put my name on your followers list, let's follow each other blog. XOs