Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuned Out

Where shall i settle down? Miami? Philly? Brooklyn (no)? LA (no)?

Today I'm thinkin of miami of all god forsaken places. But miami has some finer points. it attracts people, its rich and glamorous, i could stay right in miami and be in florida, not far from my home town of st pete, and have a strong industry right there. I cant say what industry is like in miami but - i just might like being down there, and i could work i think. more than here for damn sure. and probably more than in ny and its slightly cheaper perhaps. the key is to know the area, how to live, where to live and where not to be. I have to get my tools and resources all in line and make it happen. if it screws up its just a $25 train ride back to st pete for a nice rest.


I really talked myself into this miami thing didnt i?

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