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Wood and Water

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Does everyone burn the same amount of wood per year?

Maybe wood isn't burned much.

It IS a little outdated.

But i know that oil has been burnt for some time now.

Give me oil in my lamp. I believe a genie lamp was just an old form of lighting with oil

So - I wonder if everyone burns the same amount of oil - instead of wood.

Like - a guy who is ship wrecked on an island, and a girl who lives in a castle. I wonder if they burn the same amount of oil... er - wood.

Well the girl might burn oil as wood but the guy might only burn wood - but then, the guy might be able to burn oil - if he can find any - but why would he? whats the point of burning oil over wood? or wood over oil?

how warm would a fireplace be if it just burned oil? It would be a very different chestnut roasting experience and would make for some silly classic paintings. Perhaps wood burning in a fireplace is very wasteful. I'm not really sure.

I do feel that a cast iron wood burning stove heats a house more efficiently. In fact - its interesting that as of late, i have heard stories of some people still using them to heat their house - only they need wood. Why doesnt oil work in a wood burning stove? I still dont get it -

It would seem that a man living in a tropical island might need less wood to burn for heat. And the girl living in a castle would need more wood for heat if it was in a cold part of the world. I also hear that castles are drafty and very inefficient. I would speculate they are more for military strength than for comfort... Or for aristocratic sensationalism. And perhaps, use more wood.

But the man on the island may need more wood to build and rebuild his shelter. He may tho, use his shelter wood as firewood after it becomes useless as shelter wood and so use it efficiently. But if he makes an oven, in the ground, with stones, this would be even more efficient for his conservation of wood because the heat would not escape into the air.

Why dont we all burn wood in our homes? It makes a lot of smoke. It takes up a lot of space, its heavy and hard to move. People dont really even use oil, they use natural gas to heat. But not for light. For light they use electricity.

I heard there was a law proposed that all US citizen would have to use only florescent bulbs by the year 2014 - it was on youtube and was filmed in the house of the senate of something. It talks about how all florescent replacement bulbs are made in china... i wonder if this is how we will pay china back our debt. I wonder if this was the plan all along at least in part.

I'm still a big fan of kinetic energy. This is energy that has to do with an object in motion or potentially in motion. You can store it in the form of a rotating cylinder underground. there is no waste except in the form of friction heat, which is fine. Kinetic energy can be exchanged for a few different applications such as mechanical to psi, electrical, etc

There is a saying "Cut Wood and Carry Water" I was told this when i was hanging out with kung fu practitioners. This is not a lesson - its more of a question. How do you cut wood and how do you carry water? We all do it... or someone does it for us. How do we do it? We are all accountable for our own use of energy and materials. And all materials are gained through energy, whether we are nomads and feed ourselves to journey to a cave, then the cave is gained through the food we eat, or if someone brings us sticks, then they have afforded the food to move their feet to bring us those sticks, and we pay them for their food so they can bring the sticks. But to pay them for the sticks we need to pay also for our own food so that we can work and gain the money or goods to give to the person bringing us the sticks.

Did you know - toxins can pollute rain clouds and then can fall on farmland and food land and ruin the soil so that food can not be produced and this way, pollution directly causes food prices to rise. I believe the longer we pollute, the more we will pay for food, to the point that food becomes a luxury.

This would not be a problem if we all had land, because we could all farm on our own land, but in an economic crisis, especially long term, we are stuck because of property taxes, we will not be able to afford to live on our own land, unless we have money. Is this right, good and fair? Perhaps there should be exceptions made for times when the economy is bad. I dont think everyone should always have to pay proper tax. Luxury tax, i can fully understand - even sin tax, because these are things we do not need. But taxing our very homes and the land we live on, is something i think would be ridiculous in hard times, in fact, NOW. So how can we feel safe anywhere... secure anywhere? We know that in desparate times, we are all going to end up homeless regardless of if we own our land or not. you will hear "you arent paying your property tax, so we are going to take your home and youll just have to live somewhere else" and just leave you on the street.

food for thought

What if there were a special way to grow food in a way that you didnt need sunshine, water or dirt or even land? This would be pretty cool huh? So how close can we get to this? Because food is important and what is our plan B if we have a food shortage like africa? And why do so many people live in these hungry places? not to be mean but - why arent they just all dead? Why are they always seeming to just be so hungry and skinny for years and years now? Is this just something that happens once in a while and they just get really skinny over there like once every 3 years?

I also wonder if the "global warming crisis" is just a ploy to keep china from producing too much industry, and to create more jobs for regulators... and other political reasons. I dont know - but its got to be a part of the allied talks and such - to the point that its a shared agreement to monitor and try to control the output of polution and waste.. etc etc. It just seems very strange to me - yes of course we want to waste less, but why is it so stylish amongst political leaders now?

I wish that i could just reach out when i was hungry and be able to grab some food whenever i wanted it without having to pay for it.

Why does food cost money? Because it costs energy. It takes effort to produce and process. There is a limited supply, and it has to be shipped and packaged and inspected and regulated and sometimes taxed. Much food that is produced is also rejected and thrown out or lost to pest and freezing and drought. This drives up the price and value of food as well.

I want to feel more secure - i want to be able to make my own food, my own energy and my own way of life, the way i want to - that is all i want in life. I dont want to shout or fight - i just want to have what i need and not be a slave to anyone. I really dont think slavery is good. I wonder why the indians didnt become a part of america, and become citizens. Maybe it was the language barrier. That didnt stop us from having slaves... why didnt we make slaves of the indians? they were closer, they were savages in the minds of the founders... right? why did we go all the way to africa??? why didnt we just make slaves of each other? just go outside with a net and catch random people and say - BAM you're my slave now - but dont worry i dont give beatings and you'll get a nice bed. just stay away from my women.

Well if i have to pay property tax, I AM A SLAVE. And if all my options to make and provide my own food and my own shelter and energy are removed, then I AM A SLAVE! Also, my value as a human being, or as anything is lowered, and i am expendable and used only as a tool by the system or i am forgotten and locked away.

So I want to be free - and have security - not in the system, but in my own abilities, and my own resources. Why are so many regulations being passed every day that make it next to impossible to exercise direct self provition and creativity? Because we are being trapped to only be able to recieve from a source that is separate and above us... and it is getting this way more and more and our value is becoming less and less and so is our learning and power as a people, as a person, as a creative, thoughtful individual

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John C said...

Your thoughts on property taxes and living free are right in line with my thinking. I can't believe no one else as comented on this.