Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring is Sprung

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I just had a revelation while being in a half sleep half wake state. I don't know what it means except that for me, its the uncovering or shining new light on something simple that has always been near me and around me.

I just randomly saw a ring in my imagination. It was joining two strings or ribbons and being demonstrated as a tool. I considered it a tool all at once. Then I was delighted by the novelty of pursuing the idea of a ring as a tool. It seemed in a single notion, to be as universal as the wheel, or even the sun and moon and earth and the universe itself. Now that i think of it, hasn't it been speculated and calculated that the universe is in the shape of a ring?

In any case, the next thing i thought of was to ask the question, in my dazed state, what other things are shaped like a ring that can be used as a tool, and of course i thought of the wheel, as mentioned, and then I thought of a spiral staircase, of all things, which is not shaped like a ring unless you view it from above. And this made me think of a spring shape. A spring is also a tool. Its a piece of metal or flexible material that bends while being in the shape of a spiral. At first this wasn't too amazing to me, but then i was interested in the word meanings of all this. I meditated on the letters and realized, which is apparent already in this writing, to the reader, that RING, SPRING and SPIRAL have commonalities grammatically. But there is another which makes it even more personal.


and we compare that to:


A spiral staircase carries you up one step at a time in a ring or spinning fashion.

DNA - the double helix - is a vortex. It is a spinning spirit spiral created by god speaking - made of sugars... mayby ASPARTAME hahaah

so enjoy that word study - i know I do. I feel this has been a revelation that i will not every forget. Its a link (which is also a ring) that continues my older forms of thought and revelation having to do with INSPIRATION which is also derivative of "ring" because it was convoluted from the word spirit/spring/ring

other similar sounding words with meaning:

(these are all somewhat a stretch)

Thinking of SRING as a season and how it is a spiral upward with spiritual growth and activity where the DNA of plants and animals is spiraling madly to be formed and reformed and reproduced.


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