Saturday, March 14, 2009


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Currently I feel and know that i am growing. In my photography, my general well being, and in my lifestyle habits. I'm getting up early in the morning now. I'm eating pretty good. Dad has a garden and i have been eating out of it. My images are making progress with film. I'm getting really into shooting with natural light and working with new types of compositions and concepts mixing nature shots and still life shots with model shots. This will be ongoing.

Today i am set to go to a few events. One is to play at a friends dads birthday party and the other is a party for local artists. I might even hook up my sewing machine to tailor a tshirt to wear since i dont have any clothes left from traveling and moving so much.

I'm finding that the more i do the things i like, the less i care what others think, also i know in time if i do what i like, everything else will follow suit and work around me, because i stand my ground. People usually take the path of least resistance unless they are visionaries and pioneers. Those people are ok too, because they usually respect those who are like themselves.

This photo is recent and an example of my new work.

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