Thursday, March 19, 2009

Raccoons and Cave Men

Do Raccoons Like Working?

They dont have 9-5 jobs thats for sure...

9-5 is a great time to be busy - its good for you - especially if you are out and about in the elements and fresh air and sunshine.

No job is easy. I don't think anyone really wants an easy job. I think we all want a challenge that we can rise to meet and be proud of and prove our work and our value.

Raccoons arent lazy but they would never have a 9-5 job. They are too random, and busy to sit at a desk.

But raccoons get a lot done. They survive. They aren't like squirrels that have a system for everything, they are more just like random scavengers that tear up everything and say "dont mess with me" all day (or night) long.

Birds are kind of like 9-5ers. They have a short list of foods they need to gather and process, and they get up early and go to bed early. They are very vocal and social and have skinny busy legs.

But raccoons dont have a set plan - they have no idea what they are going to do. They just do whatever impulse comes. They can't help it, but it works for them. Why change.

also today...

I propose a new code.

Since we have managed to separate ourselves so far from nature, a key or code for what parallel meanings all the things we do are the equivalent to in nature.

for example:

watching tv | watching a campfire
getting in your car to go to work | going up the mountain to steal eagle eggs
suing each other | raping and pillaging other tribes you find along your journey
going on vacation | going on a spirit walk
mopping and dusting | sweeping the dirt cave floor with fir tree boughs
shutting all the windows and doors in the house | rolling the stone in front of the cave
eating fast food | eating berries that birds have shit on
paying for insurance | being very careful and prepared and innovative
paying taxes | sharing your extra belongings with your community
riding an exercise bike | not even cave men had something so dumb

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