Saturday, March 28, 2009

Argus C2

bought some new cameras, and found a new girl. This was shot not too far from where i'm staying. its not the best location but it somewhat secluded for this area. I really need to find more areas nearby. its not really easy around here. Its pretty suburban and all. This was at a park.

I got 3 old cameras from someone. Two of them work and one i got for free and can't yet get it to work but its a cool camera if i can get it working. I learned that some of the parts in the cameras can be taken out and thrown away and the camera will still work.

This show was taken with an Argus C2 which is a design from about 1939 or so.

The other camera i just got seems pretty good - i really like it so far, i just messed up when i was testing it out and plugged my flash into the wrong hole :( i thought red meant "important" but it really just meant nothing. i should have plugged into the black x not the red m. Once again - back to the drawing board. I need to keep testing myself till i pass these tests. Thank god for these muses who appreciate the artistic process and pizza.

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