Wednesday, October 15, 2008

dots, if you care

so tonight i think sort of finally realized something. there's a world inside these pictures. its like alice in wonderland. its like looking in a mirror, and stepping into it. life in frames... in one frame. life made up of key frames. the frames that matter, the ones that stand out in our head. the vectors of land marks and the points in a coloring book... connect the dot, connect the images, the important ones are the dots. the dots. its all about the dots. is your image a dot? or is it just an imaginary line in the head of the world? shoot dots.

so it all comes down to an image being important. thats all. so what makes it important? we dotn always know, we just know its important. we make it important, somehow, we refine and design and bind the scene... together, and apart. until whats left is right and whats left out is wrong. it all adds and subtracts to equal importance.

we want to make something important and be part of something important and we want to be important.

An image isn't real but its proof that somethings real, something in our dreams, its a breath we feel, this image, its the wind and its the evidence of spirit and thought

thats why talent is so important, and passion in an image. action, flow, expression, drama, substance, true content, substance. importance. something to look at, and to be seen.

i could elaborate but my words would be too obvious and the foolish arent meant for my words. the wise listen and understand

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