Monday, September 29, 2008

Honky Tonk

I love it - all the old sounding honky tonk stuff. I've touched on it here and there. I play fiddle myself, i've done my fair share of time on stages all over the coutnry, but never REALLY played with a real honky tonk type of band, and im just learning that i love that stuff. To me it sounds like the stuff i've heard coming out of the delta areas of the Mississippi and Texas. Maybe - Tex-Mex is an applicable term here. Dwight Yokam - i went to school with his cousin shawn yokam; the mavericks - they had one hit called here comes the rain. I have some of my own music in a folder there's like 50 of my songs there all just ideas recorded. i've never even been close to being published myself but ive played on tons of albums and still work as a studio musician. Of course there are hundreds of other bands that fit this category, but some are better than others.

tonight i'm about to go get my banjo (gibson rb-3) from a friends house. we got in a fight recently so im a little nervous about going over there and getting it. I'll be really happy when i get out of there with all my stuff tho finally. Then i have to go to another house and get my other bunch of stuff from there. These are basically garages i used to either live in, or use as studios.

I really want to start a band. I'm not sure it will start out as a whole band, probably not. I'll probably just play and sing mostly solo with other musicians sitting in.

Goin on a little photography tour soon. maybe i should bring my guitar with me and play at the L train stop in williamsburg like i used to do. its always pretty cool there. this time ill probably bring a couple people with me to jam along.

i need business cards

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