Thursday, March 05, 2009

my film scanner

my film scanner
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I love this thing. It does a lot for me. I have a lot of issues with my workflow and this thing is not one of them. it works. it works very very very WELL!!!!!!

Now i have to get better at getting rid of blur in my 35mm images. I drag my backgrounds way too much. Sometimes they bleed over the model/subject and reveal the strobe exposures and they become really fake or ugly looking mistakes.... i dont like it. I suppose i could use a tripod. That would get rid of a lot of my issues.

I have so many issues. Location, feeling motivated, feeling that my shoots live up to my expectations. Shooting nudes or fancy wierd pics inside a hotel room is what im all into. Its so easy. You are so free and can do so much - youre happy. I have never shot in a hotel, well once in clearwater. What did i do with those images? I wish they were film.

I just wanna start over. I wanna get out there and shoot like i used to shoot - just shoot every single day. Whats wrong with me? Whats happening to me? Something is so very very wrong and i need to fix it now.

Im a loser... everyone knows this. Thats one of my problems. I have failed at everything i have ever touched.

Now is a very hard time for me. I dont even know or understand why. But i'm about to get so sick of it that im about to explode!

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