Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tara Ryze Back in Black

Tara was over for Halloween and we watched movies. Adams Family and Edward Scissor Hands. We lit candles and i pretty much sat and layed around most of the time and enjoyed her good makeshift home made meals and our usual espresso and foamed half n half. As i remember, earlier i threw my phone on the tile and it exploded into little peices because my service from tmobile has pretty much been completely useless and terrible. I'm going today in fact (updated - today is monday) to get a phone. I'm writing this on monday nov 3. But in retrospect it was a rough afternoon, i had just gotten home from playing at the recording studio for $50 which i enjoyed, but i messed up and i was gonna deliver my trolling motor to this guy for $80 and my between my phone messing up and getting back to him late he went back across the bay to tampa, so im gonna go bring him the motor today before i catch my train. well back to this image. she got the idea from a drawing and i thought she did a great courageous job going with that inspiration. I'm happy with the results. The original had a grey curtain behind it that looked ok but i ended up using this graphic in the back. She has a name for this picture now - i dont know what it is. something like underground berlin military girl.


Fun factory said...

Fantásticas ilustraciones y post me encanto su blog reciba un abrazo

mojokiss said...

muito obrigado - vc muito legal - bom dia ate

Rebecca Lawrence said...

I found your blog. I am a stalker.