Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Girl

i touched a girls back while she was reading a book.
my hand touched her warm soft skin
where her shirt wasn't able to cover
i kissed her ear.
and i quietly left.

i missed my girl. the one i had just met
in this place.
this dream land.
shes not far - she never is
but when i see her,
she's never near enough

i went next door and down stairs
howard stern was in his studio
in the next room was a warm gathering of locals
they all played something
they all spoke their own dialect

The girls walked together
the guys worked together and played together
i found my girl here recently
this is how we met

I felt something for her
something i haven't felt in years
I saw eternity
i saw no time at all

I felt something with her
gentle completion of my electrical circuits

the white dog was out catching oysters
he delivered them to me
on the half shell
we left him out at sea

a man was playing upright bass
and hanging from the cieling
and playing a broken cymbal

my girl has red hair and warm soft skin
she electrifies me

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