Friday, November 03, 2006

The More Things Stay the Same

Computers always fuck up
I always fuck up too.

Whats up -

So I'm listen to the radio show i made last night

I've decided to get the hell back to Tampa Bay


Because I'm worn out and things are much too inefficient here.

Maybe its the competition -

The close proximity of people all competing to be heard, known, fed, safe.

You would think a community would strive by coming together, not by competing...

But competition makes for skilled and specialized members.

So is that what we have today? -

yeah skilled... skilled at filling out resumes.

Anyways -

I'm just on a one track thought - back to Florida but first i have a few things i have to do.

There were some models that wanted to shoot with me.

And i have to meet with my friend Kent first too and get some pics with him probably and make a little page for him on here.


I'm gonna take the train to Tampa.

It's like $150 with baggage.

I can bring 250 pounds of stuff ... so i'll be able to bring most of my stuff and ship the rest.

No worries.

Well. Florida is easier for me.

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