Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lets Review, Shall We?

Well, me and loriann hung out today and recorded some of her tunes. she did good and we got it done but the recording skips - cause of who knows - computers are wierd.

Here's some pics from tonight - all digital at low iso - blurry.

I have a couple days left till i head to princeton for a week to hang out with my friend Kent.

Tomorrow i am playing with a band at a place in Brooklyn called the Jalopy theater.

I been drinkin goats milk. I've always liked it.

I got a changer for the cell phone i found today - and it fit and it worked - but i'm taking it back cause the phone service has been turned off. Back to using my old trusty prepay i guess - i have to put some more minutes on it right about now.

I have to get some film out to a client - but the film was really bad quality - i bought it at CVS. I guess the combination of low light and cheap film messed it up. I used a digital for some too - and those were good exposures but mostly out of focus. It was hard - and not the kind of job i think i'll really end of doing much of. I prefer to do more relaxed events where i can experiment... but in all - i should have known better - i should have used my flash on auto and i should have gotten pro film earlier on instead of looking to buy it that day. There was nothing but really crappy film in that part of town that night. I was pretty surprised.

I lost my mind in a open mic at a coffee house the other night. I dont wanna talk about it but i told one blues player to fuck off. I guess I'm turning into my old teacher, frank mullen. If you had him you would understand! He's a world famous instructor.

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