Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pure - Of One Source

I dont wanna play music for some bar to sell liquor.
I dont wanna be signed by a label
i don't wanna go on tour
i dont wanna sell rights to my songs
i dont wanna play because i need money
i dont wanna work because i need money
thats capitalism

i wanna wanna use my hands to help people
i wanna sing songs that captivate people
i wanna create form and function
i want to make the world a better place

i will not work a 9-5 job
i will not play a 'gig'
i will not sing at an open mic
i will not let poverty make me use my music to escape it
likewise with other services.

i will not offer a service to help me get paid.

i believe in community

I don't believe people should be forced to contribute to the community
but I believe a community should be made up of contributors
I believe things should be shared - this lightens the burden

shared knowledge
shared services
shared companionship
shared encouragement
shared talents

why should we go to college to learn how to do something?
in a community, we can learn all we need, and have natural discussions as we grow and apply our new skills.

why should we have a nationwhide standard of working 9-5
we should offer help when our community needs it, not to some distant transplanted facility.

why should we pay rent and mortgages on houses
we should share common housing that all have contributed to support through their talents.

why should we be sick?
We have technology to create cheap ways to get things done
It is lawsuits and insurance that make things exspensive
standards of education makes doctor bills high too.

In a world of shared information, we should change our system drastically.

Maybe I am a fascist.

Maybe i am a communist.

Maybe I am an idealist.

or maybe - I'm just an Efficiency Enthusiast.

I live to make pure music.

I live to take pure photographs.

Pure means - of one source.

In modern society, we have many appendages
we have much abuse of system
we have much weakness of communication
while we have a moderately strong internet and computer network

We have an opportunity to study and learn for free using the internet.

This saves trips to the library in a car, and overdue book and dvd fees
This saves the entire cost of schooling
the only thing it doesn't offer is lab experience
So we need that... and it can ber gained through programs within participating and well equipped mainstream fascilities.
We have access to the knowledge... it just needs to be catalogued.
We need to isolate a way to apply and practice for new technicians and practicioners

I'm really brainstorming here.

I have to understand things for me to function

I have to use my mind in order to function with my heart and hands.

I want my productivity to be pure -

to comes from myself and to be fully accounted for.

Its easy to just follow instructions and be obediant and blind to the things of the heart, mechanically stamping out a formula that gets work done for some company and getting paid a fixed income for fixed hours.. usually a full slate.

But I think there is a better way and I am going to dedicate my life to designing it.

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