Monday, October 30, 2006

lyrics - midnight snow

the velvet curtain rose and you appeared
the center of the world
a sinner of a girl

when im alone i want you
you're moving on now aren't you
i just have been to blind to see

here in my heart youre still the girl that gave me everything
i'm just the boy that made your vaudeville play a tradgedy

opening night it was something for the world to see
then before god and everyone -
it came crashing on our heads

and there you are
and here i am
my light is on
its 4 am

you come inside
lay down and rest
your hands are cold
upon my chest

but i dont move
because i know in time
they will be as warm as mine

the third cold winter knocks upon my door
to take what still exists
the other two have missed

still there you are
still here i am
my light is on
but growing dim

i call to you
you call to me
i'd come to you
if i could see

but all the trails
i used to know
are beneath this midnight snow

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