Sunday, October 29, 2006

lyrics - polite hellos

i let the phone ring when you call
i dont pick up at all
for 14 years we used to talk
and then a fatal brawl

and i can't help you anymore
there's no reason to ignore
nothing is worth saving now
i'm gonna throw in the towel

polite hellos to those fellows
thats how it goes everyone knows
deep down inside its only pride
that makes us hide the mess inside

find it in your heart to say goodby
the reservoire is dry

the mother of a girl of mine won't talk without some wine
and when she does she cannot hide resentment in her life

she is not a happy wife
she wants to change her daughters life
even if it comes to mean
putting lies in apple pies

polite hello's to those fellows... dry

the big top came to town one day
and i was only 10
i walk the tightrope end to end
up in the circus tent

say they really need me now
to be an average clown
if i leave the carnival
i'll never work in that town


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