Monday, October 30, 2006

lyrics - leaking life

she makes her home from trash she finds
its hers alone no colors ryhme
she's seen me lose all hope and strength
shes seen me lose all faith in me

but she aint known the worst of me
and how it ends yet to be seen
all times before when things went wrong
abandon hopes and carry on

but now i'm tied my head is fixed
on foolish hearts and ugly tricks

the wine removes my shooting nerves
i work the clay I'm undisturbed

i'll shape IT into just a man
without a friend without a plan

I'll shape it as an empty cup
a broken jar that won't fill up

she makes her home from things like these
i throw them out and she retrieves
she makes her home from scratch and dent
THE shapes she finds don't compliment

and AS i'm broken leaking life
no wonder she can't pass me by

her finger prints are on my rim
her lipstick arche is pink and dim

and so i find my place of fame
here pierced and pinned her wall of shame

And once again i lose the game
before i knew i ever played

The cards i knew are rearanged
The mirrors on the wall have changed

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