Monday, October 30, 2006

lyrics - better than you

you want so badly not to be the same
the same as you've been most every day
you want so badly but you never change
you try and cry and never get your way

you've got a magic cure
a pill of sadness you're concealing
a sure and cirtain way
to keep your friends from ever feeling

better than you
and happier than you
I never knew
just what i got into

I dont even want to say
all the things that make me feel like this
i dont even want to believe
you could treat me like a common thief

i'm no better than you
no happier than you
when i'm with you
no other way will do

you say you want me to smile
you tickle me for a while
i laugh and i act like a child
even tho its not my style

when i'm with you - whenever i'm with you
i never know - what i'm allowed to do

cause times when i've been feelin ok
which aren't a lot of times these days
its obvious to me that you try
to kick me down to where you think i am no

better than you - or happier than you
i never knew - just what i got into

you tell me not to chase my dreams to high
and then you wonder why you see me cry
you tell me not to love myself too much
and then you wonder why i want to die

am i better than you? or happier than you
now you can do whatever you want to

you can just do whatever you want to
you'll do it without me
thats how you want it to be thats how you want it to be
well thats the way it will be

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